martin ivison >>
white male, blue eyes, brown hair
82 kg, 181cm
with two children
a scattered family >>
a former life in music >>
a fondness for alphabet soup >>
some know-how in nerd herding >>
and continuing aspirations

20090809, Mumbai, India

"I was lighter, smaller. The air was like milk around me, like my mother, and her smell mingled with berries and the lawn. I grew lighter still and rose like a kite-child on a string, the office fading from me, until below me no longer lay the carpet, but a semblance of my home, with a cigar-box house and a drive-way in simple strokes of a brush, and nothing and everything made sense as a chord organ played a waltz and I swayed like a leaf caught in an inky rainbow wind."
(from Dire Muse)

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