martin ivison >>
white male, blue eyes, brown hair
82 kg, 181cm
with two children
a scattered family >>
a former life in music >>
a fondness for alphabet soup >>
and continuing aspirations

201003, Hamburg

"I don't know where he got this guy, but he's not from the agency."
"Why n-not? It's a g-good gig."
"Observe." Deth tugged at Santa's beard. "This shit is real. The eyebrows, too. Guy like that can get more than $15 an hour, no fucken tips." He pulled up one of Santa's sleeves. "Here ... no tats, no holes. Pink as a baby's."
"So, w-what are you saying?"
"I'm not saying anything. Just that this guy looks like a real fucken Santa Claus."
(from Merrily On High)

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