martin ivison >>
white male, blue eyes, brown hair
82 kg, 181cm
with two children
a scattered family >>
a former life in music >>
a fondness for alphabet soup >>
and continuing aspirations

20111126, Arizona

"I am not often reminded of the amazing synchronicity that books and stories can have with my present. How powerful they are when that happens. I'm reading a book by Albert Sanchez Pinol about a man stuck on an island, in a lighthouse, struggling with adversity, human nature, love, pain, isolation. And here I am in a lighthouse of my own, the room upstairs that I hardly ever leave now, the locked door, the wistful isolation to remove myself from the trouble outside. Am I Batis Caffo, the pig-headed, callous, incurable case, or am I the unnamed Irishman, the man struggling with what he learns? What am I to do?"
(from Journal, 20100207)

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